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Seven Days Television Series

Logline: After serving time in federal prison and being falsely convicted of a crime, a young woman tries to rebuild her life, only to be blackmailed by her boss into conducting industrial espionage. She soon finds herself sucked into a dark, vile world with a family that commits horrific crimes.

Black Roses Television Series

Logline: A family of underworld assassins is hired by an African warlord to assassinate rivals and anybody who opposes his path, but twenty years later, a young woman plagued by her past comes forward, jeopardizing their entire business and livelihood.

Feature Films



Let Them Run

Logline: Wild horses have long resided in the State of New Mexico, but they may now face threats to their way of life and may disappear due to extermination.


Cattle Call Reality Show

Logline: A group of city slicker, tenderfoots as they call them, descend on a cattle ranch to find out if they have what it takes to make it as a trail hand on a cattle drive.


Winners Circle

A Docu-reality series with a host(s) that follows the multi-faceted aspects of bringing a quarter horse from birth to breeding to racing and beyond. The series dramatically portrays the challenges of bringing the quarter horse through growth milestones including training, inaugural race preparation, keeping up with the competition, building a reputation, injury, illness, setbacks, and eventual run to the Winner’s Circle. This is interwoven with stories of the lives of passionate owners, trainers, and jockeys who nurture them.

Quarter Horse Fillies

Quarter Horse Fillies brings to life the role that women play in the field of Quarter Horse Racing. Although a large percentage of women own, train, work with, and compete in the world of Quarter Horses, it continues to be man’s domain in many circles. Quarter Horse Fillies is about the women who have, for the most part been behind the scenes and will finally gain the recognition they so deserve.





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